Who we are...

Who we are...
Animation and Media

Excelsior Springs Area Career Center (ESACC) provides students with focused, hands-on education that prepares students for college and career opportunities.  Students enrolled in career and technical programs spend time both at their home high school and ESACC.  

For students pursuing health professions, ESACC provides both a Health Services and EMT program.  Health Services students earn a Certified Nursing Assistant certification as they learn about the human body, practice medical procedures, and complete 100 clinical hours.  Medical terminology, communication and management, and interpersonal relationships are covered.  Students spend time in the laboratory learning procedures that will be used during the clinical period.   The Emergency Medical Technician Basic (EMT-B) program provides emergency care training, and students receive hands-on lessons, clinical rotations, and earn EMT-B national certification at the conclusion of the course.  Students focus on patient assessment, management of medical and trauma conditions, and CPR.  

ESACC offers two programs for students who have interest in computers and technology.  The Computer Technology program trains students as computer service technicians.  Students learn about hardware, software, networking, programming, mobile devices, and other computer related topics.  Students participate in a computer business that fixes technology, and earn a recognized industry credential.  For students interested in computer art and design, the Animation and Media program introduces students to interactive media products involved in 3D animation and graphic design.  Students engage with Adobe and Cinema 4D software and complete projects for the school and community.  Marketing and design concepts are covered and students develop a portfolio to showcase their skills.  

Students who like to troubleshoot, build, and repair, ESACC offers a variety of industrial trades programs.  Students in the Carpentry and Construction program build a house, or related structure, and gain work experience on the job-site.  Students learn to build all aspects of a home and receive valuable hands-on experience that allows them to successfully transfer directly into college or career.  The Electrical program gives students hands-on experience in the residential, commercial, and telecommunication areas of the electrical industry.  Skills gained transfer directly to the electrical field, apprenticeships, or higher education.    The Heating, Ventilation, and Air conditioning (HVAC) program allows students to troubleshoot, participate in lab projects, and complete installations at a job-site.  Students learn to braze copper tubing and solder wires using torches.   Students in the Carpentry, Electrical, and HVAC programs earn OSHA certification and learn all aspects of the construction field.  

Two additional industrial trade areas include the Automotive and Fire programs.   Students in the Automotive program earn Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certification in vehicle maintenance and light repair.  Students apply concepts in a hands-on manner by working in the automotive shop, and professionalism and customer service are stressed.  The Fire program teaches students fire, suppression, investigation, and prevention, as well as emergency and rescue services.  Students earn certification in Firefighter I and II and Hazardous Materials Awareness and Operations.  

High School sophomores take the Career Exploration course to work on individual and group projects related to the many career areas.  Students explore occupations, identify general shop safety, and explore interests and abilities while investigating the world of work.  Students earn both English and Math credit while attending ESACC and learn the necessary academic and employability skills to be successful after graduation.