Course Descriptions

Programs At ESACC

Computer Science Courses

3D Animation and Digital Media

Grades 11-12

3D Animation and Digital Media is designed for students who have interest in computers, business and art.  The course prepares students for careers involving interactive media products and services; which includes the gaming and entertainment industries.   This course will allow students to have experiences in various software programs involved in 3D animation, graphic design, and multimedia presentations. Students explore the role of contemporary marketing and design and earn an industry recognized credential.  Students will be required to complete a field experience and develop a dynamic portfolio that will showcase their skills.

Web Development

Grades 11-12

Web Development prepares students to create and maintain professional, high quality web sites and mobile applications for businesses, social exchanges, and gaming.  Learn a variety of programming languages, including HTML, CSS, and Java Script.  Create web sites with dynamic content using server-side languages.  Develop web graphics and animations techniques by using various software tools.  The culmination of the programming languages and software application will be used to create a capstone project.

Automotive Technology I and II

Grades 11-12

    The Automotive Technology course is certified by ASE (Automotive Service of Excellence) as a Light/Medium automotive program.  This assures that the curriculum follows the stringent standards identified by NATEF (National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation).  Program content follows the ASE areas of Electrical/Electronics, Brakes, Steering/Suspension, Engine Repair and Engine Performance.  The program emphasizes the development of appropriate work habits and attitudes, leadership, interpersonal communications and teamwork skills as well as the technical skill necessary for employment.  Classroom study utilizes hands-on training on the latest state of the art test equipment in the automotive field. 

Building Trades I and II

Grades 11-12

    This course covers the step by step procedure of building a house or similar building.  The class will complete the building during the year as part of the curriculum.  Realistic work experience is provided under the supervision of a qualified instructor.  Successful completion of this course will enable young workers to enter the construction trades.

Career Exploration

Grade 10

   This program is designed to help sophomore students with career exploration. Students will be taught computer skills, receive training related to acquiring a job, and receive academic enrichment. Students will work on group and individual projects related to the career areas, explore occupations, participate in field trips of occupations being studied, study math and measurement related to career areas and identify general shop safety.  Students will explore their interests and abilities while investigating the world of work. This prepares the student to train in one of our Career Center programs. This course will include both classroom study and practical introductory experience in the building trades, automotive technology, electrical trades, computer support, health services and heating-ventilation and air conditioning. Students will become more familiar with EMT, Fire Science, computer applications and work readiness skills.

Computer Support I and II

Grades 11-12

   This course is a two year program with school years starting on odd numbered years offering Computer Maintenance and even numbered years offering Computer Networking. Students are not required to complete one course to enroll in the other. They are independent of each other and neither have prerequisites, although keyboarding skills and understanding exponents are essential. Keyboarding skills are important for the digital classroom.

The Computer Maintenance course provides students with an opportunity to learn about computer hardware and software for desktops, towers, notebooks, printers, and scanners through Cisco Academy’s Information Technology Essentials online curriculum. The Networking course offers students an opportunity to discover the inner workings of network routers. Using Cisco Academy’s CCNA Exploration online curriculum, students will be trained as computer network technicians with hands-on hardware and virtual (software) applications.

Electrical Trades I and II

Grade 11—12

This course is designed to introduce the students into the world of electrical construction.  Residential, commercial, and telecommunication areas of the electrical industry are covered.  There is an emphasis on green energy technologies, with a solar panel and EV charging station on site.  Students will gain valuable hands-on experience that will allow them to transfer directly into the electrical field, or continue toward apprenticeships and higher education.  Numerous opportunities are available every year on real job-site projects, as well as internships during senior year.  Students become OSHA 10 certified and earn NCCER electrical industry certification. 

Emergency Medical Technician--Basic

Grade 12

   This course will provide training in emergency care knowledge and skills to persons responding to an emergency incident.  Students will receive both didactic and psychomotor skills training in patient assessment and management of medical and trauma conditions and CPR.  This program consists of lectures, labs, clinical rotations and ride time.  Upon completion of this course, the student will receive a certificate of completion and be able to test for the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technician-Basic.

Fire Fighter I & II/Fire Science

Grades:  11-12                                                    

   The Fire Fighter I & II/Fire Science program is designed to prepare participants for occupations

and advancement in fire service. Content includes fire suppression, fire investigation, fire prevention, emergency and rescue services, hazardous materials, emergency response, and coordination with other agencies. This course is both a physical and knowledge demanding course. 

Upon successful completion of this course the student will have received training for certification as a Firefighter I & II, Hazardous Materials Awareness & Operations and will allow the student to be eligible for testing as a Firefighter through the Missouri Division of Fire Safety.


Students must be 17 the date the class ends which would be May 1st of the year they are enrolled in the class.  A student may not test until the class has ended.  Once the student has successfully completed all practical and written exams for DFS certification, the results have a shelf life of only one year.  In order to become certified with a Missouri Certification, the student must be 18, have a driver’s license, GED or High School diploma.

Health Services Assistant I

Grade 11 and 12

    Students study structure and function of the human body, medical terminology, communication and management, interpersonal relationships, and preparation for employment in a health services career.  Students will spend time in the laboratory learning procedures and competencies that will be used during the clinical periods.  Clinical hours are spent in a long-term care facility working to meet their Certified Nurses Aid (CNA) requirements. Students will have opportunity to take the State of Missouri Certified Nurse Assistant certification exam.

Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning I and II

Grades 11-12

    Students will have the opportunity to learn about fundamentals of heating, air conditioning, refrigeration, electricity, tubing operations, and troubleshooting.  EPA testing is offered upon completion of the course.