Frequently Asked Questions


1. What do I do if I need to drive?
  • Request a driving permit from your instructor at least one day prior to the day you intend to drive.
  • See Mrs. Lefebvre for a driving permit.  The driving permit requires signatures from your CC instructor, CC administrator, sending school administrator, and parent/guardian. 
  • Bring the driving permit to the Career Center office the day that you drive to receive a parking permit.
  • Park in a designated CC spot.
  • Do not allow other student to drive your vehicle.
  • Passengers are not allowed in the vehicle unless pre-approved.
2. What do I do if I miss the bus?
  • If you miss the bus, you have three options:
    1. Stay at home high school for the time period you would normally be at the Career Center
    2. Have a parent/guardian (not a friend or student) drive you to the Career Center
    3. Contact you parent and high school principal and ask special permission to drive to the Career Center.
  • Under no circumstances are students to drive themselves to the Career Center without obtaining prior permission from their parent/guardian AND administrator.


3. My school is not in session, do I need to come to the Career Center?

  • If your high school sends a bus, you need to attend the Career Center.  Please check with the attendance or counseling office at your high school to find out if they plan to send a bus.


4. Do I need to let the Career Center know if I’m going to be absent?

  • YES.  On the day the student is absent, a parent/guardian should notify the Director’s office by phone at 816.630.9240.  Calls should be received between 7:30a.m. and 12:00p.m. for every day of absence.


5. Why isn’t my grade for my Career Center program updated at my high school?

  • Career Center student information is not linked to our sending schools' software. Grades are sent each grading period to each school, and then the grades are manually updated into your schools program.